Depression or Low mood

Young woman suffering from a severe depression (very harsh lightDepression is a common condition that will affect around one in 10 of us at some point in our life. It affects each person differently and sufferers may experience a wide range of troubling emotions and physical problems. Many people may not know they are depressed and may confuse the symptoms with a physical illness – especially if they lose weight.

Some people find they emotionally detach themselves from those around them, withdrawing into an isolated world of their own – one that is commonly described as a ‘black hole’.

In general, depression exists in the form of unrelenting low mood or sadness, a loss of interest in pleasurable things and an overwhelming sense of hopelessness. These symptoms will vary in intensity, and the frequency and length of episodes will also differ.  Living with depression can be very difficult, not only for sufferers, but also for those around them.

In collaboration with the World Health Organisation, writer and illustrator Matthew Johnstone tells the story of overcoming the “black dog of depression” in this YouTube clip: