Research Award!

I am delighted to share with you that I was awarded the PCCS Books prize for ‘Person-centred/humanistic research in counselling and psychotherapy’ last week at the BACP Research Conference 2015. I feel very privileged that […]

Friday 20 March 2015 is the International Day of Happiness…

Think about the things in life that bring you happiness.  Sometimes it is just the little things that can make us feel good and connected to the world around us such as finishing a good […]

Mental health awareness day

Today is ‘mental health awareness day’ What do you do for your own wellbeing? We’ve all heard that eating five fruit and vegetables a day is good for our physical health. Did you know that […]

Feeling panicky?

If you are feeling panicky and find yourself hyperventilating then here are some useful tips to help you slow down your breathing that you can do anytime and anywhere. Square breathing Slowing your breathing down […]

Our four legged therapists…improving our mental health

As human beings we are naturally social animals that thrive in relationships with others.  A sense of belonging in the world and experiencing social support are key for psychological and physical wellbeing.  But can we get […]

Calm through colouring – the role of mandalas

Mandalas are broadly defined as geometric designs intended to symbolise the universe and are an ancient form of meditative art that draw your attention to the centre, helping you to focus your mind. Colouring in […]

The importance of grabbing five minutes

I like to travel by train as I find it is a time when I have to sit still, (thus avoiding getting up and ‘just doing a little job’), I can choose to be quiet […]