Choices Concept.Relationships are not always easy.  Despite human beings being social creatures there are times when we get it wrong.  Being involved in an unhappy relationship or in a relationship where you have experienced betrayal or an unfaithful partner may feel incredibly distressing.  You may feel unable to trust the other person ever again or even trust your own judgment.

You may wish to consider couples counselling if there has been a breakdown in communication between you or if it feels like you live in different worlds and are drifting apart.

Or maybe you have experienced an abusive relationship and feel powerless and scared to deal with the situation?  It may feel impossible and risky to change and very difficult to feel able to trust anyone.  Taking those first steps to getting help may feel like a massive hurdle. If you choose to have counselling you will only need to share what you feel ready and comfortable to share and to do this at your pace.

Counselling can help you to feel more confident and regain your self-worth, helping you to take those tentative steps towards rebuilding your life based on your needs.